Bring hope to rural Africa  



Remember to post mark your 2014 tax credit giving to CHaRA by midnight December 31, 2014. You can give by check or on line up to midnight on Wednesday. Help us ship PET Carts, Wheelchairs, Oxygen concentrators, Exam beds, Clothes, Birth kits, and other Needed medical...

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Birthing Hope Tea 2015

CHaRA requests the pleasure of your company at “The Birthing Hope Tea” 2015 Join us in Celebrating “6” Years of Birthing Hope Birthing Hope Afternoon Tea March 21, 2015 Hotel Concord 14 Union St. North, Concord, NC 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM The Zanzibar Market sponsored by...

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My parents are 88 and 89 years old and have been married for 68 years. My Dad had a heart attack, then my Mom had a heart attack watching him being hooked up to machines in the ER. Now that is a heart connection! My family gathered together in January to be with our...

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BLESSINGS AND JOY ABOUND TO YOU IN 2015 THANK YOU FOR GIVING! The CHaRA Team Ron, Carol, Stephen, Danny, Elijah, Paulo, Abraham, Joseph, & Projera AND the thankful kids of Zanzibar Tanzania

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God has blessed us to have you as partners for the work of CHaRA. We are thankful for such amazing family and friends in our lives and work. Love, Ron and Carol McDonald

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Kidimni Primary School Project

CHaRA is helping to provide water, sanitation and hand-washing stations for the primary schools in our school health prevention and hygiene program. There are 61 schools in our prevention program receiving shoes, and with your help we will provide water for those in...

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