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Ron & Carol Celebrating “50” Years of Marriage

Jun 25, 2018 | 1 comment

On June 28th we will celebrate 50 years of marriage. Our children; Doug, Jodie, Joseph and grandchildren Max and Ellie joined us in our new home in Arusha to celebrate our anniversary. The pictures below will show how we celebrated with them.

Our advise for a long marriage is to; first love God personally, love each other deeply, be friends, forgive quickly, and care for each other. Where one is weak the other is strong. Love your children, family and others to create strong relationships that last a lifetime. Staying in the fellowship of the Church will create a solid foundation. God’s Word is holy, read it daily to guide you. Tithing and giving will keep your finances in order. Hearing God and obeying Him has led us on a good path. Carol’s Heart and Ron’s Action has helped create a blessed family and CHaRA!

We have climbed the mountain God has given us. Sometimes it is steep, filled with ruts, at times it is just putting one foot in front of the other and other times breathtakingly beautiful. No matter the conditions, He is always with us, He gives us a place to set our feet so that we do not fall. Our life has been filled with love and adventure. Jesus is our forever friend and Savior. We continue to be amazed at how He uses us for His purpose. God is good!


Your prayers and support have kept us strong and faithful. You are a huge part of the mission God has given to all of us. Without you there would be no CHaRA and no Hope Center. We are thankful for you! We are thankful for our family that has stood by us, prayed for us and continues to support God’s mission to Tanzania. God is great and greatly to be praised.

We look forward to what God has prepared for all of us to do. We pray for you always.

Love, Ron & Carol