Bring hope to rural Africa  


Our mission is to improve the lives of the people of East Africa through good health, safe water, education, care of orphans, and the love of God. Our passion is to bring life, hope, and joy to those in need through acts of love and compassion. Our vision is to see the bonds of poverty broken, infant mortality rates reduced, children educated and in good health as we partner with the people of Tanzania and those who give for the mission to be fulfilled.

Living Out Our Mission

Chara is a Greek word for joy and gladness. We find that in giving we have reason to rejoice and the people we touch find hope, life and joy. There are few greater pleasures than the sounds of laughter, to see a sad child smile and find joy in the day because you are there. Taking a child from the ground to sit them in a wheelchair or PET cart brings a ray of sunshine from the smiles of both child and parent. Another is to see the smile of a mother at the end of a clinic knowing her child is well or on the way to being well because we were there. Knowing you have helped save the life of a mother and her baby with a clean birthing kit brings great joy. Every Mother wants to have healthy happy babies and we want that to be a reality for the people we serve.

We’re presently working in East Africa in the country of Tanzania: Zanzibar. There are 120 tribes in Tanzania, with a population of 51 million people. Most of the tribes are of Bantu origin and they speak Kiswahili. Zanzibar is a predominately Islamic Island with a population over one million. Zanzibar is made up of three Islands Unguja 1,666 Sq. Km. and Pemba 988 Sq.Km. and the small Island of Tumbatu. There are two rainy seasons they call the long rains March through May and the short rains October through December. Tanzania is the 24th poorest country in the world with a life expectancy of 62.2 years. 1 in 6 babies die at birth. The needs are many; malaria, HIV/Aids, typhoid, cholera, hunger, poor water, orphans, poverty and sickness abound. We have seen movements in every statistic over the past 17 years. We are making a difference!

In the words of Dr. Mabody, “change will come through faith based organizations like CHaRA” and the people who support CHaRA. With your help CHaRA can make a difference in Tanzania.