Bring hope to rural Africa  


Construction projects have been part of the mission of the founders for over fourteen years. CHaRA has built three schools on the mainland of Tanzania and three on the Island of Zanzibar with one more waiting permits. We’ve been involved in many remodel projects such as: a space for ENT -examination and hearing labs in two Island hospitals, medical clinic cleaning, painting and updates, a therapy department complete building uplift, a computer classroom, basketball court, sewing center, several toilet buildings, an office and workshop completed out of shipping containers. Water projects have been the highlight of many Island projects since a well drilling machine was purchased by a donor and a well team established in 2010.

Bringing clean water to a community or school touches entire villages with better health and relief in life’s burdens. In 2013 CHaRA construction projects moved into the government schools to provide a clean/good water source, sanitation, and hand-washing stations. This has been a great move that affects thousands of children, teachers, and the community. Ron leads the construction team with the help of Hkelfon. John and Mary Beth raise funds and have led several drilling projects. John Burnham from California also a big part of the water team, raises funds and spends a lot of time on the ground with the Zanzibar national construction team. They are all an important part of this new area of creating a better environment for school children. In 2016 we have now finished 15 water projects including sanitation and hand washing stations.

This year we will remodel 2 classrooms at the special education school. All this because of great people like the Flippens, Burnhams, Shumans, Stapeltons and you, our donors. Please use the donation button to be part of bringing safe water to the children of Zanzibar.