Bring hope to rural Africa  


Girl’s Time

Providing Reusable Feminine Hygiene Kits
Girl’s Time started from a need, girls and women without feminine supplies. All women share this common bond: Our monthly period. But girls in rural Tanzania are using leaves, cardboard, old rags and anything else they can find to meet the need each month. There is a lack of supplies and a lack of money to buy disposable supplies (if they can be found). Disposing them leads to environmental problems.
A girl will miss more than 50 days of school each year because of her period, causing problems with her education. Girls at school and women at work are met with much harassment and shame for a natural cycle of womanhood. There are many myths surrounding their periods. Education is needed. At our first meeting girls stood and cheered when they received their new supplies and “the good teaching”.
We are excited to help bring truthful teaching and a solution to their needs. Our CHaRA team is making reusable feminine hygiene kits that will be given to those in need. As part of this program we are taking our purity program to both boys and girls. They will learn God’s way for sex and marriage. Respect and integrity will become part of their lives.
We pray they encounter God and know His true love!

Girl’s Time Kits

Packaged beautifully and discreetly in a drawstring carry bag


Pairs of Panties


Bar of Soap






Zip Lock Bag


Instruction Card