Bring hope to rural Africa  


Prevention Programs CHaRA began out of a need for malaria prevention in Tanzania. A child under 5 was dying every 5 minutes and hundreds of people over age 5 were dying from this preventable disease. The health needs are so great CHaRA responded by sponsoring health day clinics that included malaria prevention education, mosquito nets and needed medication. After 5 years of work in this area with the government fully engaged malaria dropped dramatically on the Island. Another need surfaced in a clinic in 2009; the need for worm prevention, which has led to the water, sanitation and hygiene project in schools. 85% of the children we serve do not have shoes; they are at risk for infections and hookworm parasites that lead to sickness and death. The CHaRA Parasite Prevention Program began in 4 schools. We are now in 123 schools of Unguja. TOMS Shoes is a big part of this program supplying the new EVA shoes for the school children we are serving. We also want to insure these kids get the proper medication needed and education on prevention. Our goal is to eliminate this problem and see the children of our schools educated, healthy and vibrant.

Shipping Medical Equipment and Supplies began in 2008 out of a need from the pediatrics ward at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar. It seemed we would never be able to fill up the first 20’ container – it sat for months at a warehouse space donated to CHaRA by Evangel Worship Center until the day arrived for our first shipment to Zanzibar. Now, it seems when we pack a 40’ container there is enough donated goods to fill two. The items in these containers have provided much needed equipment for doctors and saved lives; like the oxygen concentrators shipped in May 2013. We are container #8 now and we still find It truly is “more blessed to give than to receive”. We keep giving as we are receiving and we are blessed. Join us in shipping PET Carts, wheelchairs, medical equipment to those in need. You will be blessed!

Birthing Hope began in 2009 when CHaRA and ELEOS International joined forces to create a midwife program for Zanzibar. Our goal was to provide clean birth kits and train traditional midwives on the use of these kits. We have trained over 400 midwives and maintain a yearly education program. The clean birth kit contains basic materials to facilitate a clean-safe delivery by the midwife. The kit contains a new plastic sheet for lying under the mama, soap for hand washing by the midwife and cleaning of the mama, a sterile razor blade to cut the cord, 2 string-ties for the cord, and gauze for wiping the baby’s eyes. Our midwives feel secure they can contact our staff for supplies and they will be provided. Other items we supply midwives are bags to carry their supplies, flashlights and aprons. In 2015 we added a program called “Helping Babies Breath” led by Gina Wilson from Duke University. It is a life saving program. Education is a key to reaching our goal of improving maternal health care. The Birthing Hope Tea began in 2010 to provide the resources for this program to continue. It has become a highlight of our year. Birthing Hope is a wonderful and successful program. Join us in helping save lives.