Bring hope to rural Africa  


The Love & Joy Center – Oloirobi Tanzania :: CHaRA~ECCO Children’s Home is a place for orphans and abandoned children to find love, care, and protection. It is a place to bring babies when a mother cannot care for them. This is a place for vulnerable children in the remote village of Olirobi. It is a beautiful complex for kids without a home, a safe place to learn and find loving care. Health, hygiene and education will be a big part of this home. These children need someone to come along side of them to help in their struggle for life; to walk alongside of them through harsh circumstances. They need love. They need someone to build them a home in their village. Your loving kindness will help make them whole and bring them joy. The Abundant Life Center  is underway. It will have a sitting room, kitchen, dining room,   toilets/showers, and an office. Classrooms and dorms will surround the center building to form a wall with gates at each end. There will be quarters for a house mother, a baby room and guest rooms. This will be a safe place for kids to sleep, be fed, clothed, educated and loved.  A place of joy they will call home. They will experience and know the great love of God because we are there.

Child Care :: This is at the heart of CHaRA and why we exist. CHaRA sponsors children in need in many ways: orphans and at risk children receive school fees and uniforms or are sent to boarding schools, health care, surgery and other relief needs are met by CHaRA donors. We started by sponsoring 5 orphans to boarding school, they will all soon graduate. Luhende was the first child God placed in our care for medical help; he was abandoned by his parents. Aisha came to the first clinic that we helped facilitate, when she arrived in her Grandmothers arms she was dying. We were able to pray for her and take her to the local hospital for life-saving treatment. Both of these children are in school with CHaRA’s support. As God brings children in need to our attention we respond, most times by pure faith that the needs can be met. We are currently working on a program that feeds and provides education for the children of Olioirobi.

Living Hope Project :: This began with the request for one wheelchair for a child to be brought in our container in 2010. We were not sure if we would be able to locate a wheelchair but by the time of the shipment, the request had turned into 12 and the need was met. Soon we met an organization called P.E.T. International (Personal Energy Transportation) and they now provide carts for those with upper body strength. People living with disabilities face many challenges, especially in a third world country. Many of these people are kept inside without therapy or medical help. Families are not able to carry the person outside or know what else they can do but let them lie on the ground or in a bed. Each family story is different, but each family is filled with joy as we lift their loved one off the ground into a wheelchair or P.E.T. cart. CHaRA has been able to help the therapy departments of all three Zanzibar Islands. We have been able to provide surgery and support for many families. This project fills our hearts with compassion and joy.