Bring hope to rural Africa  

Birth Hope Center

Birth Hope Center | Dongobesh Tanzania

Help us save young girls from sexual abuse! Abuse from just being a girl!
HOPE is something we can build our lives on. “It is confident anticipation that goodness is coming.”
This is a place a young girl in trouble and filled with shame can find HOPE, LOVE, JOY and a FUTURE!
MISSION: To provide a loving home and education or vocational training for outcast, pregnant, unwed teens, who are often victims of rape and abuse. Left alone they will be homeless and their babies often abandoned. The Birth Hope Center will position them for a bright new future and provide an environment for them to become the person God created them to be.
VISION: The Birth Hope Center is a place where young unwed mothers and their babies find hope, faith, love and joy. At the Center we see possibilities and provide opportunities for the young women of our Center. We empower them to earn a living so they are able to love and care for their baby or choose to love through adoption. We will not create dependency. Girls will receive an education that will produce confidence in their abilities to be part of their community. They will have power to love, work, help change their community and serve God faithfully.

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