Bring hope to rural Africa  


This week I went to Haydom Tanzania. I went to an albino orphanage with my Mom, my best friends and CHaRA. While we were there the orphans sang songs for us. We prayed for the kids and gave them toys. There are 20 kids at the orphanage, we saw 12 of them the day we visited. Albino orphans are kids who can get sun burned very easy and usually can have very bad eye sight. When they go outside they have to have sunscreen, sunglasses and a big hat. Sometimes witch doctors try to take the albino kids. They take them to kill them for their body parts to make medicine. It was very sad to hear the stories. One little girl had almost been killed 4 times. The orphanage is always in danger of being attacked. They told us that they had been broken into 3 times, trying to take the albino children. We were able to hire an eye doctor to check the kids eyes and give them sunglasses. Please pray with us for these awesome kids.

Their immediate needs are hats, eye glasses, sunscreen and sun glasses.

Palmer Thibault

This month Max, Ellie and Palmer visited us in Tanzania. They were great missionaries. One of their favorite missions was the day at the albino orphanage. The children were happy to see them. A child born in Tanzania with albinism starts life in danger of losing their life. Tanzania has the largest population of albinos in all of Africa.

We appreciate your prayers as we begin to work with this orphanage near the Birthing Hope Center.

Love, Ron and Carol