Bring hope to rural Africa  


This week we were this story by a government official at the site of the Birthing Hope Center. Recently a young girl became pregnant, not by good circumstances. This happened nearby the Center. The man was not found. Her parents threw her out of their home, literally beat her and threw her into the bushes. Then they went through the village saying, “if any man wanted their young daughter, he could have her”. She was in a worse situation with many men, until one man took her home. The baby died and the man threw her out. Her life is one of shame and hopelessness. The Birthing Hope Center is needed to bring hope and love to young girls found in difficult circumstances.

Joining us this week was my brother Jack, our great niece Abigail and Emily. Abigail and Emily enjoyed spending time at the Dongobesh clinic, Haydom hospital and the Abundant Life Schools teaching health and hygiene. Jack shared a beautiful message with the people about God’s love, plan and rest for our lives. He provided Pastor Martin with a motorcycle, transportation that was needed. We all enjoyed celebrating with our brothers and sisters of Tanzania.

We drove up the road in Dongobesh to see a sign pointing to the Birth Hope Center, it brought us joy just seeing the name. Then, we arrived at the site to see the building coming out of the ground, this thrilled our hearts. Please continue to pray for the Center, for the girls that will call it home, for us to have wisdom and for finances to complete this project. We appreciate each of you who are making this possible. God is faithful!

Blessings Ron & Carol