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Water And Shoes At Pagali Primary School

Jun 9, 2015 | 0 comments

During the past few months we have been able to complete 2 water projects. One was at a prison location in Zanzibar. They were in great need of water and were all very thankful. God has blessed CHaRA to be a blessing to others.

Our school was facing a big problem for lacking of water for a long time. We are happy for getting this opportunity which is very important in our life… Lastly we promise you and your company that we will use this opportunity in good procedure. Sir God will bless you and your company the whole. Thank you very much.” Pagali Primary School.

This is a portion of a letter given to CHaRA at the celebration of water at Pagali School Unguja, Zanzibar on June 1, 2015. The head master and staff at Pagali School are good people to work along side. It was a beautiful day filled with much joy. Safia Lijali, Ahmed and Khalifa from the Ministry of Education were with us at Pagali School to receive the water project from CHaRA.

We drilled a borehole water well, constructed a tower with a water holding tank and hand washing station. The toilets were in poor condition so we were able to uplift them for better use for the children and teachers. Kuna ya maji mengi! (there is lots of water) Pagali is in a very rural location with 515 students. The children were walking about 3 miles to fetch water for the school each day. CHaRA is blessed to be able to give water. A huge thank you to the Bagley and Shuman families from America that gave the finances for this project.

Children also received pencils and TOMS Shoes as part of the CHaRA and MoHSW worm prevention program of Unguja Zanzibar. Thank you TOMS. CHaRA has a special team of young men that distribute the shoes to each child. They teach the children about hygiene and preventing worms that make people sick. Healthier children make better students. Education brings better health. Bringing health, hope and joy to everyone! CHaRA = Furaha = Joy