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CHaRA Zanzibar & TOMS One for One

May 25, 2015 | 0 comments

Rain or shine our team is at work. They are a great group of young men. Our main shoe giving is in rural areas of Unguja.

CHaRA continues the hygiene and worm prevention program in Unguja Zanzibar. We are now in 122 schools on the island; teaching, giving and loving kids. The Ministry of Education is a big part of our shoe giving. The Ministry of Health continues keeping kids healthy with the worming program that goes hand-in-hand with shoe giving. Our Zanzibar team, Stephen, Danny, Paulo, Elia, and Ibraham work five days a week loading, unloading, and giving shoes in the schools. They make sure every shoe fits each child.

The new EVA shoes are all weather and a big hit on the island. The kids receive shoes two times each year. Tupo pamoja…together we are making a difference for the children of Zanzibar. USA teams also play an important role in joining CHaRA to give and bring joy to kids of Zanzibar. Jacque and Kiani did a great job teaching. They used glitter to show how germs spread. You can see germ sparkles everywhere!

David, Gina and Lee Ann gave hundreds of silly bands, backpacks and smiles. Teams bring extra gifts like CHaRA backpacks sponsored by Heart Gifts by Teresa, exercise books, pens, pencils sponsored by Valley Oaks Retirement Apartments, the Ernest family, and Stone Town Traders. The teams especially love a day at the orphanage giving shoes and playing with the kids. As we drive our CHaRA truck down the road we can always hear shouts of CHaRA, CHaRA from kids wearing TOMS Shoes. We are thankful for everyone that gives and comes to help CHaRA.

Ron and Carol