Bring hope to rural Africa  


Help us feed families in Yaeda Chini Valley. They are hungry in need of help. If you have been on a trip where you felt like you were at the end-of-the-earth, just add an extra 4 hours to that travel and you will arrive in Yaeda Chini Valley, Tanzania. This year the rains did not arrive and there are no crops to feed the people. We would like to help deliver bags of corn and beans to 16 pastors and their congregations, about 220 people.

We began visiting this area in 2004, we gave the “The Book of Hope”, found Luhende and 5 other orphans that we helped educate and house. The pastors in this area are true “Missionaries”, they leave the comforts of city life to pastor and reach the un-reached people. It is a hard life, no water tap at the hut, no concrete on the floors, no toilets to flush, it is a desert. Elephants have found their way to Yaeda Chini Valley creating too much danger for children to walk to school. It has been a rough year. But they come to these precious churches, under trees and in stick built buildings where you have to lean down to enter.

Inside that modest place, they worship and you can feel God’s presence as if He were standing next to you. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people that need food. Please help us feed our brothers and sisters of Yaeda Chini Valley. 90 kilos of corn will cost you less than your Thanksgiving dinner. $80. and feed a family for a month. THANK YOU FOR YOUR THANKS-GIVING!

Thank you for always giving so that we can give here in Tanzania. We pray God will bless your Thanksgiving with His presence.

Thankful, Ron & Carol

As I look over the Birth Hope Center and what it will become, I cannot help but cry. Cry for joy that I am here. Cry for my parents that I am not with them. Cry for the girls who will need this home. Sigh at times that I am missing my grandkids playing football and soccer. Sigh I have missed a lot of celebrations with my children. But then, I cannot help but cry tears of joy over what God has done. I cannot help but be THANKFUL and REJOICE that God has called us for this mission. The testimonies of our amazing journey and the way you have given to make it possbile would fill a book. The continuation of God’s amazing love story.

“Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” Genesis 18:14

“but everything is possible for God.” Matthew 19

This is for each and every one of us!