Bring hope to rural Africa  


Aisha’s Story

Aisha was only 8 months old when we first met her at a medical clinic in Zanzibar. She was brought into the clinic by her Grandmother, she was dying. Doctors did not have a ray of hope that she would survive; she was diagnosed with cerebral malaria and pneumonia. We...

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CHaRA Mobility Project

On the Islands of Zanzibar, there are many children and adults with disabilities. Due to the lack of medical attention they receive, most live with the disability for life without therapy or quality of life. They are often left in the home day after day especially as...

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Sponsor A Child

We have children that need someone to sponsor them for boarding school in Moshi Tanzania. At New Life School they receive love, care and education from a wonderful staff of dedicated people. CHaRA has 8 chidlren in this program, 6 of them have sponsors we need 2 more....

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Birthing Hope Project – Midwives

Long before there were doctors, nurses, or hospitals, there have been midwives. They have been helping women bring their babies into the world for hundreds of years. Today midwives are still working as a vital part of the community in Africa. God has given midwives an...

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