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Compelled to Love

Sep 3, 2016 | 0 comments

One of the best ministries ever created, a ministry of love. Giving mobility to a disabled person brings joy to everyone. We gave 14 PET carts for the disabled to the therapy departments in Unguja and Pemba Islands of Zanzibar. Another 5 were sent to Mafia Island where we will do a distribution. This past few months we had the joy of giving carts to 13 individuals at schools and homes.

One lady was sitting on her mat waiting as our team put the cart together. Ron was so happy to say pick up your mat and put her in her own transport. Hawa can go to the market now, she has a place to put her produce. Miraji was so excited he kept riding around the school yard. His parents beaming that he could move on his own. PET has a new child pull cart that has helped even the children that do not have upper body mobility. They are a blessing to the parents.

A huge thank you to the ministry of P.E.T. America. Your hard work building and giving PET carts makes a difference. Thank you for the extra parts for repairs. Thank you for shipping them to Evangel Worship Center, you make it possible for CHaRA to give a PET.

We were also able to give Zanzibar many other items needed for the disabled or injured; wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, braces, canes, and other supplies. They all arrived in the container shipped and received in Zanzibar 2016. Thank you to those who gave for CHaRA to ship this container.