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Celebrating Mothers and Midwives

May 5, 2014 | 0 comments

The month of May celebrates International Midwive’s Day and Mother’s Day. Two great reasons to rejoice!  CHaRA had the privilege of celebrating both recently at a midwife training. We celebrated the first Mama to give birth at the new clinic built by the Ministry of Health in Kiyongwe Village Unguja Zanzibar.  The CHaRA “Birthing Hope Project”, supported by the women of America, supports safe births, education and clean birth kits for traditional midwives. Traditional midwives continue to play an important role in birthing babies in Tanzania. Jamila, District Health Coordinator from the Ministry of Health, joined us for the day of training. Maimuna, the nurse midwife at the clinic, set up our day of training. She is an important person for the midwives and babies in Kiyongwe. It is exciting to support Maimuna in the health of pregnant women and the birth of their babies at the beautiful new clinic. Our project is providing gifts for the midwife, mother and new born babies delivered at the Kiyongwe clinic. Nancy, a nurse from South Carolina, was our guest teacher. She has 38 years of experience in labor and delivery. Our team from North Carolina, our translator, Stacy and Carol helped bring great joy to the day. We enjoyed every expression of the midwives as they learned and shared their experiences.