Bring hope to rural Africa  


We call them the “Dream Team”

May 2, 2016 | 0 comments

They come filled with love and compassion and bring heaps of joy to the children of Zanzibar. This team comes from California, Oregon and North Carolina. This year they came with suit cases filled with training for women on breast cancer awareness, pink bracelets and beads to make cycle beads for family spacing. Kiani created a beautiful lesson on butterflies and transformation of life for the children of the special education school, an orphanage and Abundant Life School. We took the kids from the orphanage to the butterfly farm on a local bus after the lesson then we returned for lunch, singing and dancing.

The team worked hard to help us remodel the special education school classrooms. It was a great sight to see the tree of life painted on the walls with their unique God- given hand prints. Then another adventure to the beach with 78 hearing impaired kids and their teachers was a day to remember. A day of giving TOMS Shoes is always fun. The following pictures will give you a glimpse into CHaRA mission and their time with us. Thank you for coming to share your lives with ours and the people of Zanzibar. We love and appreciate our teams! Ron and Carol