Bring hope to rural Africa  



Oct 21, 2015 | 0 comments

There is great joy in spending a day at school with hundreds of children in Zanzibar. Our CHaRA volunteer team works with the Ministry of Education health prevention program most every week in schools. Our collective goal is to see children healthy so they can attend school and learn. Health and education together bring hope for a better future.

The Jumbe water project is complete. Water is a precious resource and blessing. A huge thank you to the Boggs and the Shuman families for giving water. Thank you to supporters of safe water for Zanzibar. On the day of celebration the CHaRA team also gave new TOMS Shoes to the students and teachers. The school presented CHaRA with a beautiful thanksgiving letter and gifts. It is an honor to work with the Ministries of Education and Health to give water, sanitation, hygiene teaching and shoes to the children of Zanzibar schools. We were created for good works and the good work results in the gift of great joy. Over 120 families now have access to clean water from the school well.

September also brought the great teaching gift of Gina Wilson with Helping Babies Breathe. She completed her program with CHaRA in the North B District of Unguja. There were 63 observations completed during this time – 12 babies were not breathing at the time of birth. All 12 babies are alive and well because of this amazing project and the supplies our donors were able to provide. Thank you!