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Sponsor A Child

Apr 5, 2013 | 0 comments

We have children that need someone to sponsor them for boarding school in Moshi Tanzania. At New Life School they receive love, care and education from a wonderful staff of dedicated people. CHaRA has 8 chidlren in this program, 6 of them have sponsors we need 2 more. One for Patrick and one for Omari. Soon we will have two more children that need to attend this school Helim and Asher.

How To Give

Go to our donation to sponsor a child or email us for more information about Omari Patrick, Asher and others. $100.00 per month includes boarding, food, medical care and education.

We have other programs for supporting children in public school. Children need uniforms to attend school, many families cannot afford even the smallest fees. For $100.00 per year you can sponsor a child to school in Tumbatu Island or Kiyongwe Village. $30.00 per month will help to feed and clothe a child.