Bring hope to rural Africa  


Thanks to the great ladies of the Birthing Hope Tea and Nayla Shah we were able to provide this training.

Life has been busy as usual giving shoes, teaching hygiene, and enjoying time with our guests from North Carolina. Gaylyn and Peggy came to help train a new group of midwives on the Island of Mafia. It was an amazing time! We trained a total of 72 nurse/midwives and traditional midwives. It was wonderful to see them working together, the trained helping the untrained learn new skills for bringing babies into the world. Mafia is beautiful, one of the great diving places in the world. The airport runway and the main road through town were recently paved. Mafia is extremely poor but the people are kind and loved to learn. My heart broke as we visited the hospital wards where little children laid in their Mothers’ arms with no hope.

I kept asking myself, “how can I just walk by?” This is a time I was asking for miracles.¬† I am praying, seeking an answer to how we can help. Two with HIV Aids passed through their parents, one that has a nasal blockage, others with malaria and pneumonia. They cannot even afford to leave the Island for better medical care. This hospital is doing everything they possibly are able to do. Mafia is off the coast of the Mainland of Tanzania. There is not a cheap or convenient way to take sick people to the mainland, then where do the parents stay and how do they eat?¬†Hospitals do not provide food for the patients. Most times medications have to be bought in outside pharmacies by the patient’s family. These Mothers sitting with their loved ones need our help. We cannot do CHaRA without God’s intervention and your help. Please pray for the people of Mafia.

Greetings from Zanzibar!

First we would like to say that we are praying for the people in the USA affected by the storm. Storms have a way of changing our lives. We know God is able if we are willing, He will bring peace to every situation. Each day here we experience storms in peoples lives. Our best tool is prayer. Then, to do whatever God puts in our hands to do to help people. Giving truly is more blessed than receiving.

We appreciate each of you praying for us and giving to the mission of CHaRA. God is good.
Love, Ron & Carol