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“Kindness Is A Language That The Deaf Can Hear And The Blind Can See” – Mark Twain

Jun 11, 2014 | 0 comments

CHaRA has the privilege of spending time with Mwanakwerekwe School Special Education Classes. Jake and Kelly Clark from the USA were with us to give shoes and help kids with art projects. Kelly is a special education teacher. She loved being with these students. The children in this school have various disabilities; deafness, blindness, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other mental and physical disabilities. We found all of these children being educated and loved by teachers who are doing an excellent job. We came to give but instead we received from these children.

The special education classes have some needs. Two classrooms need desks (30 desks x $150.00 each), they need a computer in the office ($500.00), they would like to give all the children sports (P.E.) t-shirts ($10.00 each x 300 kids) they need teaching aids and supplies. These items are acts of kindness that this school will appreciate as they daily give to children with special needs. You can give by check or through our web site.