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A Pet Perfect Day!

May 30, 2014 | 0 comments

Yuseph and his Mother waited patiently, they were first in line. We did not think he would be able to ride his own cart because his arms were so frail. We do not want to create further injury and pain, so we are careful in giving a cart. But from the time he saw the first cart move he was cheering from the sidelines. He told his Mom; “I can do it”. We had a nurse with us that said with time and exercise he could ride a cart. And with a little help he was mobile. It is like riding your first tricycle. Yuseph is irresistible!

ChaRa has a great partnership with P.E.T. Personal Energy Transportation International. They have enabled us to bring mobility to people living with disabilities in Zanzibar. The owners of Jamhuri Gardens children’s center gave us space for the day to put together and give 20 carts.

Wherever we go to give a pet – it is a perfect place to be filled with joy. We had to turn down our last call from a lady needing a PET cart because we have no more adult carts or wheelchairs to give. We need your help so we can say yes. Please send your donation to CHaRA so that we can ship a 40′ container filled with PET carts and wheelchairs. The cost of the container and shipping to Zanzibar is $11,000.00