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Give Your Hands to Serve and Your Hearts to Love

May 20, 2014 | 0 comments

We have visited the children’s home in Zanzibar many times over the past 15 years. On our last visit we took photographs to the kids we have taken over these past years. They loved seeing themselves as they have grown from year to year. Our USA and Zanzibar teams always enjoy a day with the kids, telling stories, doing art projects, blowing bubbles, jumping rope, and playing football. We brought clothes and TOMS Shoes for every child. There are always sad stories of how these children ended up in this place. A few weeks ago a new born baby boy had been left in a trash can by his mother and father. He was found and brought to the orphanage where he has been cared for and brought back to good health. He is now 5 months old. The other children and staff love and care for their new brother as best they can. This is just one place in this world where children have been abandoned or orphaned for various reason. Let us not forget these children. We cannot always take them out but we can go in with serving hands and hearts filled with love to give.