Bring hope to rural Africa  


This past week was spent with 450 youth and youth leaders of the Tanzania Assemblies of God at Mbulu District youth camp. Our team was Pastor Mark Alexander, his wife Joy, and son’s Judah and Levi from Radiant Church Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our meeting was definitely a God encounter. Levi was seated next to our granddaughter, Ellie in school a few years ago. They had a conversation about Tanzania. Her grandparents are missionaries and his cousins were missionaries in Tanzania. We have lived in the same mission house at different times and enjoyed many mission meetings together. It proved to be a perfect fit to work together.

Pastor Mark, Judah, Levi, Dr. Joshua, and Bishop Anania talked to the boys each morning and Joy, Marcelina and Carol presented the Girl’s Time Seminar to the girls. We both talked about God’s love and purity. We were able to give 250 Girl’s Time kits.

The week was filled with games, laughter, tears, praise and worship. Each evening Pastor Mark spoke to all youth and leaders. The last day we were visited by the Holy Spirit in a powerful way. Our prayer is for these young people to grow in Christ Jesus to become men and women of God that live lives pleasing to God and spread His Good News.

We ended our ministry time with Pastor Mark preaching at the Dongobesh Church.


Our first baby, Esther Eli came home from the hospital!

We are thankful for all the teams that join us from the USA! You come to share our vision and work hard to make everything work together for God’s purpose and plan. We cannot do this amazing work without all of you giving, coming, and praying for us, CHaRA, and the Birth Hope Center.

Ron & Carol