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Aisha’s Story

Oct 14, 2013 | 0 comments

Aisha age 2 and her older sister

Aisha did not like those hearing aids! (They ended up not working for her)

Aisha at school for the deaf

Elllie sent Aisha a porcelain doll

Aisha receiving TOMS Shoes with her school

Aisha was only 8 months old when we first met her at a medical clinic in Zanzibar. She was brought into the clinic by her Grandmother, she was dying. Doctors did not have a ray of hope that she would survive; she was diagnosed with cerebral malaria and pneumonia. We prayed for her and carried her to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, where we took her from exam to x-ray to blood drawing back to exam, to be told we would need to go find the medicine and supplies she needed. We also brought back formula, juice and water, not just for Aisha but for all the babies on the ward. In those days there were 3 babies to every bed and Mama’s sitting on the floors with no room to walk around. Next we were told to return the next morning for the results of test and to see if she lived through the night. She did live that night and our relationship began. Soon we found that she was deaf because of an overdose of quinine to cure the malaria. We took her to Dr. Naufal, ENT for hearing aids and to enroll her in the deaf school on the Island. We continuing helping Aisha, we know God has a special plan for her.