Bring hope to rural Africa  


We are thankful God allowed CHaRA to be part of controlling this deadly disease on the Island of Zanzibar. With the help of donors and teams we held over 100 clinics and gave out thousands of mosquito nets. “Zanzibar has maintained malaria prevalence below one percent for the past decade”. Elimination remains elusive. There is fear that the COVID-19 will interrupt the focus of malaria. Malaria remains one of the leading killers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prayer remains one of our greatest weapons against disease. We are praying for you and your families during this season of this virus, staying at home, working in the medical field or whatever God has placed in your life. We know Jesus is a miracle worker.

In 2006 we were helping lead a medical clinic as a member of our mission team in Zanzibar, Tanzania. That day changed the course of our mission work. Aisha was 8 months old when her Grandmother brought her into the clinic. She was dying from malaria. Ron and I rushed her to the hospital. It was a day I will never forget, even as I type I can see the conditions of the hospital and the dying baby in my arms. It was a day of miracles, a miracle that hundreds of Muslims entered a church to receive care and love from Christians and a miracle that Aisha survived. The entire team surrounded her in prayer, I begged God for a miracle. I did not want this baby dying in my arms. She is deaf because she contracted malaria three times in her short 8 months, but she is healthy today and never contracted malaria again. We continued to support her in deaf school for many years. I pray she understands Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.

The Birth Hope Center is just a few weeks away from completion. We have stopped all work during this time until we return. We have had 2 flights canceled since April 11 and are now scheduled for July 13. We will keep you updated. You have been faithful to the CHaRA mission for a long time and we are grateful.

We pray for you always,

Ron & Carol

The Birthing Hope Stay at Home Tea was a huge success.
Thank you!

In two weeks I will turn 70. I never thought about being old. And I never thought about being able to host a “Stay at Home Tea” via the internet. Our first years on the mission field we had a CB radio to keep in touch and phone calls to home were few. It was exciting to see your names pop up on my screen. Thankfully I had my daughter, Jodie, granddaughter, Ellie, and Katie to set everything up for us to go live. I did miss seeing you in person, getting your hugs and smiles. Next year we will be back in person!

All of you made another year of Birthing Hope Possible.

With deep love,