Bring hope to rural Africa  


CHaRA began with a heart for children. One of our favorite ministries is CHaRA Kids. It all happens because of your generous giving. We met Lopir when he was 10 years old in Oloirobi Village. His parents both passed away. He lived with his grandparents. They were not able to send him to school. He was already learning to herd the goats. His grandparents were willing for him to attend school. Charles and Kendra Kuhlman offered to be his sponsors. They have been faithful for 10 years to keep Lopir in school, clothe him and supply his needs, including a few goats!

Through CHaRA you can change the life of a child forever. Lopir just came to visit us in Arusha. He is now 18 years old and finished Form 4 (sophomore year). He has taken his country exams and waiting for results that will allow him to continue school. If he does not pass, school is finished. Lopir has a dream to be a doctor so we are believing for great results. During his break he will go to computer school for three months in Arusha. He is checked in and ready to go. This week he will help Ibrahim at our home. 

There is another young lady that needs a sponsor. Mariam will be in Form 3 next year. She is living in Dongobesh. Pastor Andrew and his wife have taken her into their home. Her parents passed away when she was very young. An education will greatly increase her ability to take care of herself and a family one day. 

Joshua next to Ron has helped us care for Lopir. My brother Jim and his wife Sherry were with us in 2008 when we adopted Lopir into CHaRA kids program. Lopir is next to him. It is always a great day when we can see one of our kids. God has given us great joy in helping children succeed in this life. There is even greater joy knowing they are children of God, our Father. “Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.” James 1:26