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Livingstone Academy

Feb 1, 2013 | 0 comments

Living Stone Academy is a private school ran by a board of directors. They have 35 students in the nursery school – providing a place for children in the community to learn. The school has both Christian and Muslim children learning and playing together.

Living Stone also has a evening secondary school for those who were not able to finish their education. Now adults and young people of all ages have an opportunity to graduate from secondary (high) school. They have about 90 students attending.

The school also has night school for people in the community wanting to learn English and Computers.

CHaRA built the school in 2007 and helped with supplies and equipment such as computers, books, desk, chairs and other needs.
Carol sits as an advisor on the school board. When CHaRA teams work in Zanzibar many times they will bring crafts, stories, and games for the kids.