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Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Free Education in Zanzibar Islands

Sep 26, 2014 | 0 comments

We give these beautiful children the award for bringing the most smiles of the evening! Completely adorable!

Students did dramas about the importance of education

Monday evening the children of Zanzibar presented music, dance, drama and recitation. It was delightful! The official visitor was The Honorable Said Ali Mbarouk, Minister of Information, Tourism, Culture and Sport. The CHaRA team were also guests for the evening. September 23rd was the grand event in the Amani Stadium where over 60,000 students, teachers, parents and guests gathered for a spectacular celebration. The official guest and speaker was The Honorable Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, Zanzibar President and Chairman of the Council of the Revolution. Schools marched in with their banners as the band played.

Children presented dance, drama and recitation. There were sports events such as tug-o-war, gymnastics, and a relay. Honor Students of Zanzibar Islands were highlighted and top sports kids awarded for achievements. CHaRA was honored to be a guest of these events and to be able to provide 2967 pairs of TOMS Shoes to the honor students, top sports kids, teachers and coaches. We also provided t-shirts and beautiful USA handcrafted display ornaments by Heart Gifts by Teresa to each of the honored officials. The Ministry of Education put on an exceptional celebration we will all remember.