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CHaRA is a US based 501c3 organization focused on the needs of children, mothers and communities in rural villages where resources are limited and hope is deferred. The aim is to bring health, love and joy that will lighten their burden through; health prevention education, safe water solutions, clean birth kits, mobility for the disabled, construction projects and emergency relief help. We have found that...   "It is more blessed to give than to receive"


Water Source, Sanitation & Hygiene; Installing latrines and hand-washing stations, Building, Remodeling.


TOMS Shoes Disease Prevention; Birthing Hope, Clean Birth Kits; Medical supplies and equipment shipping.


P.E.T. Carts and Wheelchairs; Support for children in need, education and health. Emergency help, saving lives.


Birthing Hope

Birthing Hope

The Birthing Hope Project provides education and clean birth kits for midwives; helping to reduce the infant mortality rate in Zanzibar Villages. The Birthing Hope Tea held each year raises awareness and funds for Birthing Hope. Our next tea will be held March 2017 at The Refuge Kannapolis NC.

Living Hope

Living Hope

The Living Hope Project works with people living with disabilities. Each year CHaRA supplies children and adults with P.E.T. Carts and wheelchairs so they can be lifted up and mobile. Little girls like Fatuma light up with joy when they are made mobile by a P.E.T. Cart.

Child Care

Child Care

Children receive support to attend school. Education is changing their future and bringing hope to families. Relief Just in Time. Our emergency help impacts a family like this 7 day old baby girl when a life saving oxygen concentrator was delivered. Also read stories about Luhende, Aisha and Thuriyu.  CHaRA was able to intervene in the life of Hapsa, her story is amazing.

TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes and CHaRA are working together to provide safe hygiene practices and new shoes for kids in schools. CHaRA also provides; a water source and hand-washing station in schools with no water. The CHaRA team takes shoes and hygiene teaching to 123 schools in Unguja Zanzibar.  We are finding healthier kids and better school attendance.

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